Light Before Dark

Monday, 23 June 2014

Boyfriend Jeans - Light Before Dark at Urban Outfitters ● Cropped Top - All Saints
 Sandals - ASOS ● Necklace - Topshop 

It has just occurred to me that this outfit consists entirely of sale items, well except for the shoes. So, thank you sales for one of the most comfiest and easiest outfits I am likely to wear. I have been searching around for the perfect pair of boyfriend jeans for a while now and happened to stumble across this pair in the Urban Outfitters sale of all places, once again thank you sales, the perfect wash and detailing. They are still available if you are interested, there should be a link to find them up above.
Whilst out on a post-exam shopping trip with my mum, more on that later, I managed to nab this All Saints top in the sale for a measly £19, well measly in terms of All Saints prices anyway. I didn't think that I would be in possession of anything All Saints as I always try to stay clear so I don't end up spending the entirety of my bank account but I really couldn't resist this crop that will last forever in my wardrobe. The feel of the material is amazing and the asymmetric hem just pulled me in, so perfect and yet so simple. I am easily pleased.


If anyone has been reading my blog posts you will know that, probably due to my incessant moaning, over the last month I've had the exams for my final year at college and can now gladly say that it is over. So bloody relieved. Since finishing I've managed to do a few things I just didn't have time to over that period such as set up a Depop to sell a few of my things, which I'd love if you could follow me and check out @elliephunk. I've also been applying for jobs and on Sunday I took a shopping trip with my mum where she treated me to a few things, so thank you mum. It's so nice to be a little stress free for a while and enjoy the beautiful things in life and spending time with the people around me more.

Thanks for reading, hope you liked the post.
Ellie x


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