Pretty Distressed

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Top - Primark ● Jeans - Urban Outfitters ● Necklace - Black Tied ● Shoes - Office

One of my more casual outfits today which is a huge contrast in how I have been feeling this week, what with starting uni and all. Despite having a few ups and downs I am really enjoying the whole university experience however much I miss my family and friends.
I picked up this peplum tee from Primark a few weeks ago as I am a huge fan of anything that contains dark florals. The peplum style gives that extra detail which means it could be warm either smart or casual. I decided to go for a distressed boyfriend jean to add to the relaxed look of the outfit which makes it perfect for going on a casual Sunday outing.


I am having trouble with regular posting at the moment due to university being such a whirlwind. However, I am going to try my best to keep it up and hopefully I'll sort something out so my blog returns to how it was before I left home. I'm hoping you guys can have the patience with me such a bad blogger. As always, thank you to anyone who reads my posts, I appreciate it ridiculous amounts.

Thanks again,
Ellie x


  1. This is so pretty, you look wonderful x

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