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Friday, 7 March 2014

Dress - Urban Outfitters ● Boots - Topshop (old) ● Jacket - Primark

Another post with plaid but this time a little bit of tartan thrown into the mix as well. Yeah, that's me mixing A/W's tartan trend with S/S's plaid trend, crazy. On a less sarcastic note I have entirely fallen head over heels for this plaid number from Urban Outfitters, there is nothing I love more then a strong print in two different textures/sizes on a dress and a collar, there is never a time not to wear a collar in my opinion.


The sun is gradually making it's way back into existence after what felt like a lifetime of rain and freezing cold wind-chill, living near water isn't always great thing. The Summer feeling is already starting to brew in me, even if this outfit doesn't exactly say 'sunbathing on an exotic beach' but I can't wait to finally swap out these thick black tights for some lower denier and start experimenting with colours and prints.
Also I'd like to update you that this Wednesday I made and ate the nicest pancakes in the world (I had a pancake Wednesday instead of Tuesday). Really random side notes seem to be becoming my thing.

Hope you like the post.
Ellie x


  1. Gorgeous outfit :) I love the jacket especially!

  2. Super awesome outfit and very nice pics
    <3 Loved so much

  3. cute and edgy outfit! "girly rocker" just comes to mind. : )

  4. Ah i've had my eye on this dress so much this week! looks lovely on you : ) x

    1. Arh it's lovely isn't it, Urban Outfitters always have the best dresses. Thank you! x


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