Brush Up

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Skirt - New Look ● Top - All Saints ● Blazer - River Island (old) ● 
Shoes - H&M ● Necklace - Topshop

I really do love a good bargain and that bargain this time comes in the form of this beautiful brushed monochrome mini skirt from New Look. Double alliteration, oh yeah. This skirt would you believe it was only £17.99 and the quality is very Topshop-esque, so if you can't call that a bargain I don't know what you can. The skirt is such a great transitional piece into the Autumn period as the brushed fabric gives a cozy look to the outfit which makes it acceptable to wear when those colder months arrive. Hopefully I'll get fewer people asking me why I am wearing a skirt and tights in Winter.

Onto something that is actually from Topshop itself. I picked up this choker necklace which wasn't in the sale, bit of a surprise as most things I buy seem to be these days. Despite that shocking revelation, I really think this necklace is a great addition to my jewel-drobe, I think I just invented a thing, as it has my favourite antique silver look and can be worn differently depending on what look you are going for. The chain length is long enough to be worn either as a short necklace or a choker, so it's a very versatile piece.

Not much of a life update for you this week as there is not much going on except me trying to make the most out of the time I have with my friends and family before uni. After a weekend working, I'll be spending the following week with friends and packing. And there is a hell of a lot of pack.

Thanks for reading.
Ellie x 


  1. Gorgeous Ellie, I adore your skirt! You look amazing girl! x

  2. this look is so strong i love it x

  3. Your outfit is so pretty, i'm loving monochrome patterned skirts at the moment

    Emma at

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