Friday, 4 April 2014

Dress - ASOS ● Satchel - Morocco ● Sandals - New Look

This British weather really is rather confused. I dug out this rather sunny dress from ASOS only to find that the actual sun itself decided to disappear on me, typical. However, despite the sun not being so sure about my dress I am completely enamoured by it especially due to the fact that it can be a two piece or a dress so you have numerous ways to style the two pieces. I wouldn't normally go for colours as bright as this in a dress but toned down with the dark blue background and the right accessories I think it really works and I'm sure it will get more then it's moneys worth of wear in Summer.

Today was my last day of college for two weeks, so I am planning to get a few more outfit posts in over my time off as I feel I'm starting to become a bit of a 'bad blogger'. I can't wait for all my exams to be over so I can start blogging more frequently without the stress of worrying about if I am dividing my time equally between hobbies such as this and revision. Finding balance has always been a hard thing for me but I'm always working on it.

Ellie x


  1. Such a lovely dress and I love your hair :)

  2. that dress is amazing! and so is the background; it's very lovely. :)

    hi! i've also nominated you for a "very inspiring blogger award" here:

    1. Aw thank you so much, I'll take a look at that!

  3. you look gorgeous! really lovely dress :) XO


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