Saturday, 14 June 2014

Tee - ASOS (old) ● Jeans - Topshop ● Necklace - Topshop ● Sandals - ASOS (similar here) ● Sunglasses - Topshop

Despite previous comments that my soaring stress levels due being dead in the middle of my exams would hinder my ability to do a blog post, I managed to take a few quick snaps of an outfit I wore during the rare heat England has had this past week. I paired my trusty old Topshop jeans with an ASOS top I actually bought last year but neglected to wear, in normal Ellie fashion, and my new ASOS sandals. The sandals have quickly become the most comfiest shoes I own; the clean lines and minimal details have really won me over and I've been reaching for them to throw on almost every day lately. Another new addition are these sunglasses, which I only picked up in my local Topshop this Friday. I'd usually go for the classic 'clubmaster' style in sunglasses but decided to branch out a bit and go for a less conventional style. My head shape seems to make me an awkward sunglasses person but this pair seem to suit me, well, I hope so anyway.


The picture quality in this post is slightly off as I seem to be having some technical problems with my camera but after this week my exams are officially over and the first thing on my list is to sort that out. I seriously can't wait to have a few months off and work on increasing the quality of my posts instead of increasing my brain capacity to try and store all these revision notes. Anyway, I really should stop talking about exams.

Thanks for reading.
Ellie x


  1. This is really pretty love those sandals! Good luck with your final few exams!

    1. Thank you; you can probably tell I can't wait for it to be over aha!

  2. What a pretty top. I have included one of your looks in my most recent post hope you don't mind. If you do let me know and I will remove the pic.
    Style With Friends

    1. That's completely fine, it's nice that you took the time to write a post about my blog :)

  3. Love the sandals and your hair is gorgeous!


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