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Sunday, 4 May 2014

Dress - Urban Outfitters ● Bag - Urban Outfitters ● Jacket - Topshop (old) ● Socks - Asos ●
Creepers - Priceless Shoes (old)

Yesterday I headed into London to celebrate my birthday and whilst I did say in my last post that I would do a blog post dedicated to the time I spent there with pictures etc, the day ran away with me and that kind of turned into just this blog post of what I wore. So, I hope you don't mind.
The satchel and dress were actually birthday presents I received from my lovely mother in the morning and of course I couldn't wait to put them on. I practically love anything Urban Outfitters related, except the price tag, so the mumma did well.
The pattern on this dress is almost a blurred flower effect and in a the nicest way possible slightly reminds me of a night-dress, I'm really selling it here aren't I, but despite these comments you might be surprised to find out that I really do love it. Well maybe not as I mentioned above I loved it but hey.

Now, as I failed on the picture front I'll tell you about my day in words instead. Me and my boyfriend, Ryan started off the day by heading into Carnaby Street and the first shop we entered was & Other Stories. The main reason for my visit to Carnaby was for the purpose of that shop as I've trailed through the website loving so many of the pieces they stock but always hate to pay postage and packaging. Yes, that whole four pound is a lot to save. I picked up two tee's that will probably feature in following blog posts.
During this process i feasted on a Ben's milk chocolate and orange cookie which I strongly recommend, that cookie was good. I also had a test sample of cake from the Choccywoccydooda shop; I love cake.
After our trip to Carnaby Street we went to Covent Gardens to meet my family for dinner reservations at Bill's; I had never been to Bill's before so was pleasantly surprised to find it was a very relaxed homely atmosphere and the food was delicious. I got the sirloin steak with sweet potato fries; the sweet potato fries were amazing. God, I love sweet potato fries.
The day finished with the staff and my family singing happy birthday to me, help, and the most beautiful cake from Patisserie Valerie. It was a Charlotte Gateau with strawberry mousse inside and absolutely amazing, I'll say it again I love cake.

Hope everyone has a good bank holiday weekend.
Ellie x


  1. gorgeous satchel, and such a lovely print on the dress. i've never seen it before! xx


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