Wish List: January

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

1. Sunflower Print Smock Dress - ASOS ● 2. Feather Necklace - ASOS ● 3. Mocassins - Zara ● 
4. Cropped Knit - Zara ● 5. Ring - Topshop ● 6. Leather quilted shoes - H&M ● Dungarees - Lavish Alice ● 8. Checked sweat - Topshop

This month I have become strangely addicted to flat shoes which is change from the usual chunky style of boot I usually throw on. There is something so classy to a well made loafer or brogue that draws me in and tantalises me into splashing my 'I'm on a student-budget' cash but they are definitely worth it. I found these Zara mocassins after missing out on the studded Zara mocassins that sold out ridiculously fast in the sales before I could get my mitts on them, shopping makes me so primal it is getting quite scary. 
On the other hand these flat 'skate shoes' have become quite popular in the blogging world and I would quite like to own a pair myself and at £19.99 it seems like quite a good deal, the hard part will probably be managing to find them in a H&M near me.

Onto the clothing side of things, cropped sweats and jumpers with mom jeans have been a go-to outfit for me this month, with them being so effortlessly easy to throw on but still looking structured enough for people to believe you haven't just rolled out of bed five minutes ago.
Bold prints haven't always been a big thing for me but these dungarees reminded me of the House of Hackney bea-u-tiful silk dungarees sold on Urban Outfitters which you can find here. If only I could afford those beauties (I spend too much time moaning about money, I realise). These dungarees from Lavish Alice are in the sale and there is also a matching blazer, found here, which could create numerous amounts of structured outfits.
My favourite piece from all the clothing featured on here would have to be the sunflower smock dress that actually unbuttons at the side so it is possible for it to be a two-piece aswell, completely in love. It is such a great piece for transitioning into Spring and Summer and there are so many outfit possibilities. Infatuated. Inspired. Amazed.

Hope you like the pieces I picked out.
Ellie x


  1. This is an awesome wish list!! x


  2. That sunflower dress is a dream! Love your blog :) xz

  3. Amazing wishlist, I like number 1 and 7 :)

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