Saturday, 18 January 2014

Dress - Oh My Love (concession sale in Topshop) ● White Collared Blouse - H&M ●
Boots - Vagabond

These are the first set of outfit photos I have taken, or should I say my boyfriend has taken, with my new 50mm lens and I am really impressed with the outcome. There is a definite difference between the outfit photos I was taking before and these shots and hopefully they will continue to get even better with more practice. I'm not the most natural person when it comes to posing, I absolutely dreaded school photos but I am willing to learn for you guys. Cheese.

During the sales I purchased this dress from the Topshop concession section mainly due to the babydoll smock style and beautiful satin-like material, I am a huge sucker for a babydoll. 
What also drew me to this dress is that it could either be dressed up or down and styled in many different ways, I tried to give it a more laid-back style in this post. I'm still relentlessly trailing through all the sales online trying to find some more bargains, sales should last all year. 


Mock week is starting for me on Monday so I'll be pretty busy revising for the rest of the weekend and the whole rest of the five months leading up to the real exams. It. Never. Ends. It will all be worth it end though, or so I keep telling myself.

Whilst I can't blog as much as I'd love to due to college I've decided to start up an Instagram account for my blog so I can share pictures whenever I feel inspired.
I'd love it if any of my followers could follow me at @mayfleur_ and it would be great to follow some bloggers back for inspiration aswell, so if you have an Instagram let me know. I am a bit of a nosey one.


  1. Lovely , cute and chic ! ♥

  2. Super cool pics just amazing
    I liked your blog :D


  3. Loooove the dress, its super cute!
    Tosin x

    1. And a bargain the sales can't get much better then that aha, thank you x

  4. Wow love the dress! so so pretty <3

    x Maria
    Have a look at my newest Outfitpost
    featuring my new green coat
    Let me know what you think about it :)


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