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Thursday, 12 December 2013

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Denim Shirt Dress - Topshop (similar here, here or here
Boots - Topshop (shown in previous posts)

I bought this denim shirt dress in Topshop a while back in the sale so I decided to pull it out and give it a spin today. This is another quite simplistic outfit but as I love anything oversized, I bloody love this shirt. This shirt, despite it's appearance, actually keeps me quite warm, due to the denim material, so is definitely a great alternative to trying to layer up my flimsy Summer dresses with scarf on scarf, coat over jacket etc.

I have been flooded with revision recently and it would be great if those pesky Christmas holidays would hurry up so I can become immersed in everything and anything Christmas (not that I stop talking about it much on here anyway). Oh gosh, I am such a student constantly moaning about revision but I'm sure quite a few people can identify with me. Either that, or I moan too much, probably the latter aha.

Anyway, I really hope everyone is having a great week and a great December in general.
Ellie x


  1. Oh I hate revision and I always complain about having to study and revise! I love your outfit, simple and stylish! Gorgeous shirt dress and I love how you made it look perfect for the Winter! So pretty.x

    1. Awr thank you so much this is really lovely, I'm glad someone feels the same way! x


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