New In: Vagabonds & The Whitepepper

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Dioon Boots - Vagabond ● Chunky Grey Jumper - H&M (unable to find online) ● Checked Jumper - Zara (unable to find online) ● Polka Big Collar Dress - The Whitepepper

I thought I would share a few things my Mum recently treated me to for early Christmas presents.
On Saturday me and my Mum ventured down to London, first to Hackney for the Whitepepper sample sale (which may I say was amazing) and then to Westfields. It was such a great day spending time with my Mum and seeing all the pretty Christmas lights whilst having a browse through all of the shops. (I made this sound a lot more relaxed then it actually was considering I was in Westfields and there was around 1,000,000 people)

The Whitepepper sample sale as I mentioned above was such a great event, I have been a huge fan of the Whitepepper for a while now but their prices are on the steeper side so I hadn't actually managed to get my hands on many of their beautiful clothes. So, considering the fact that many of the clothes were more than 50% off I took the opportunity to grab a few bargains. Despite there only being one Whitepepper item in this post I actually bought four items, literally could not resist. I'm sure a few of the items I bought will be appearing in some outfit posts soon.

During my trip to Westfields I picked up this chunky knit from H&M which is ridiculously warm and cosey and this 'Grandad' style jumper (well that's how I like to refer to it anyway) both which were priced really well with the first at £25 and the latter at £20. Both should still be available in store as they were only bought this weekend so if you like them I'd definitely say go and have a look. Me and Mum also had dinner at a lovely place called Bumpkins, which does amazing food, and the name is seriously cute as well. I mean come on, Bumpkins.

The shoes in this post are my new favourite chunky boots and I am completely in love with the style of them. The buckle adds a great extra detail and they are surprisingly comfortable and very light boots despite the chunky looking heel. I have been lusting after a pair of Vagabonds for a while now so thank you Christmas for coming around and gifting me with some (and thank you Mum, of course). Anyway, I'm sure you'll be seeing a lot of these boots in upcoming outfit posts, I am now going back to watching Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry make the most delicious looking Christmas cakes. (I can not wait for those Christmas desserts)

 Hope you liked the post and are feeling very festive.
Ellie x


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