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Wednesday, 4 December 2013


Click on the item to be taken to the website: (From left to right) 

I've decided to do a post with a little less rambling involved so, above are a few things that I would personally be delighted to receive for Christmas and I think would also make good gifts for other people as well. There is an item there for any price range you may have from the cheaper side such as; Lush lip scrub, Lindor chocolates and Topshop socks, to the more expensive Fujifilm camera. I love the camera as the idea of creating memories on the spot is really unique and a Polaroid style photo is great for decorating rooms and just installing memories wherever you are.  Socks and pyjamas are must have items for Christmas to keep all snuggly and warm, well apparently rambling isn't completely off the cards.


Click on the item to be taken to the website: (From left to right)

I always find it hard to shop for the guys in my life so I hope this helps out a few people looking to shop for brothers, boyfriends, dads etc. The men's gift guide also ranges in price with the most expensive item being the watch, however most of these will be perfect stocking fillers or small gifts. Searching for these items I've realised that Amazon is a really affordable place to buy gifts so if anyone is looking for a good deal, head there.

Hope you liked the guide and it maybe it even helped you out.
Ellie x

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