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Saturday, 30 November 2013

Leather Jacket with Plaid Sleeves - Primark ● Top (only collar seen) - Urban Outfitters ● Dress - Asos ● Boots - Topshop (featured in past posts)

There was around a million cars on this road and you may ask, why did you choose to take photos on that particular road then and my answer would be because my life is being taken over by revision and college work and it is hard to find time for blogging, which I hate. Therefore these aren't the best photos but I hope you can forgive me. Very upbeat, Ellie!

I went to Bristol for the first time this week for an interview and just happened to enter a few shops whilst doing so. The Primark there was massive so I had to go in and I found this leather jacket with plaid sleeves, which isn't the most ideal jacket for this weather but I will undoubtedly get tonnes of wear out of it in Spring. The jacket is good quality and I would say it looks more expensive than its retail price of £25 and probably would be in other shops. So, thank you Primark for upping your game and delivering the goods (especially when they are tartan).
I also had a look around Urban Outfitters and picked out the shirt in this post which was a hard task. Whenever I go into Urban Outfitters I fall in love with everything they stock and end up walking around for about an hour feeling all of the clothes and trying to decide what to buy. However, I chose this shirt as I thought it was something a little different to the things I usually buy and could easily be dressed up or down in a number of ways. The collar was also a huge selling point and adds intricate detailing to an otherwise plain checked shirt.

My visit to Bristol was quite stressful, mainly due to the interview, but also very beautiful as the city has wonderful architecture, street-art and a number of kitsch cafe's and pubs. Hopefully I will get to go back there soon.

What did everyone else get up to this week?
Ellie x

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