Blue Days

Friday, 22 November 2013

Clicking on the shop name unless otherwise stated will take you to the item:
Dungarees - Urban Outfitters (old) ● Turtleneck jumper - H&M (similar style here and here) ●
Tights - Primark ● Coat - Asos

How is it already Friday?! The weeks are flying by so fast these days and it's only 32 days until Christmas, not that I am counting. I am already in the Christmas spirit and trying to pick out the perfect presents for all my friends and family, I'm looking forward to a shopping spree in London to get everything I need. The Christmas lights will be up and the shops will all have that cosy warm vibe. I don't think I have ever been as excited to shop, plus I'll be able to get one of those waffles with Nutella and banana. I'm going to stop rambling on now before I get too carried away.

This outfit is inspired by the cold weather as it keeps me really warm whilst in the Winter months, so thank you weather for the inspiration. The turtleneck is from H&M and so soft, I chose to go with this powdery blue colour as I thought it was something a little different from my usual (I'd usually go for a darker colour). I believe it was only around £14.99 and should still be in all the shops even if I can't find it online. Stupid H&M website.

Dungarees layered over a jumper is a typical outfit for me when I just want to throw on something that will be comfortable, practical and warm. I also want to quickly mention the tights I'm wearing, which most people probably already know about but anyway, they are from Primark and are called the 'super-cosy' tights (I think). The name is ideal for them as they have a fluffy inner lining and are a lot warmer than any other tights I have tried and I suppose at 300 denier they should be. I'd definitely recommend these tights for anyone who loves to wear tights but hates the cold.

I am going to fantasize about my Nutella-covered waffle now.
What are your Winter essentials?

Ellie x


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