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Saturday, 19 July 2014

Dress - H&M ● Kimono - Topshop (similar here and here) ● Shoes - New Look

I'm just going to start this post with some H&M appreciation because they always seem to have items that are absolutely amazing for such reasonable prices. That little note of appreciation leads me on to this particular dress which I picked up in H&M about a week ago to wear on a night out. The dress was seven pounds. Only seven little pounds. Most definitely the bargain of the year. 
It reminds me of the underwear as outerwear trend that was floating about a while ago what with it looking a little like a night slip, but a very nice night slip at that! The perfect little black dress for me to throw on when I can't find anything else to wear for a more dressier occasion.

I bought the kimono last year for my holiday to Morocco but never wore it and I'm not even entirely sure why. I think I was just new to the whole kimono thing and wasn't sure it was very me. The kimono would be a perfect addition to my festival wardrobe whilst ensuring to not get the tassels attached in peoples hair, clothing etc. Well maybe not the perfect festival wardrobe addition but definitely something I'll be packing in my holiday suitcase to throw on when it's just a little too hot to be wearing a jacket. 


Heading off for a day full of work now. My bed will definitely be calling to me tonight.

Hope you have a good weekend!
Ellie x

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  1. How was that dress only £7!!! It's so nice. That is why I love H&M, their stuff is so cheap but is actually nice as well

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