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Saturday, 1 February 2014

Jacket - Topshop ● Cropped Jumper - Primark ● Dungarees (worn as shorts) - Urban Outfitters ● Boots - Topshop (old) ● Lipstick - Topshop Wine Gum

Finally, after months of trailing Primark searching for the infamous cropped fluffy jumpers I have managed to find myself one and in this lovely pastel blue colour as well. Seriously, it was such a hard job finding this jumper for me so if anyone is having the same problem and desperately needs one of these jumpers in their life, I would recommend re-checking your local Primark's as I believe they may have recently restocked. Don't take my word on that but it is worth having a look as these babies are so soft. To most people this will probably be old news but as you can tell it is an exciting time for me.

I have gone back to an old favourite of mine, my dungarees from Urban Outfitters, wearing them under a jumper creates the more relaxed effect of mom style shorts. The only impractical thing about this outfit is the toilet situation, but this will never deter me from the dungaree. The dungaree is the perfect wardrobe staple. Ok, I will shut up about dungarees now.

What does everyone else think about dungarees?
Ellie x



  1. love your outfit!
    lovely blog!
    following u hun<3

    1. Aw thank you, your blog is pretty amazing so I've given you a follow right back! x

  2. Aw you look lovely. Love the pastel blue of your fluffy top too
    Lucia's Loves

  3. Hello, been looking at your blog recently and lurvvvvv your fashion! I'm a kind of new account so please follow me on bloglovin, would really appreciate it.


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