The Thought-Night: West Yorkshire

Monday, 11 August 2014

Whilst I am typing up this post I have just returned from a relaxing week away in the rather picturesque West Yorkshire. If I have to be honest it wasn't the most exciting holiday I have ever had but with the few things there are to do, there is definitely never a moment when there isn't a beautiful site to see. Although my trip was short and sweet, only six days, I still accumulated quite a few pictures which I thought I would share. I always think even if somehow my blog does end up coming to an end, which I hope it never does, I'll still be able to look back at it and remember things which I have forgotten. See, I seem to have become rather effected by all this beauty Yorkshire has offered me and I'm becoming quite sentimental, or you could say corny.

After eating pretty much my bodies weight of some of the best pub sandwiches I have ever had I am finally back to reality in boring ol' Essex. Seriously, I don't know why I didn't take some pictures of those sandwiches they were amazing, well done Yorkshire. Anyway now I'm back here and facing my future, considering the fact my A-level results day is on Thursday of this week and I'm looking at heading to Bristol for university, reminiscing over the past week I realised that if anything I just really enjoyed spending some quality time with my family which I take for granted most of the time. It was even nice getting my mum to snap a few outfit shots for me, even though they didn't turn out too great. This post seems to be turning a little too sappy so I think I'll wrap it up and let you experience Yorkshire a little yourselves in picture form.

Thanks for reading.
Ellie x

The house we stayed in had such cute features, future house plans are forming.

This picture and the one below were taken on our second day on a trip into a village called Holmfirth which the cyclists from the Tour de France went through. There was bunting and bikes everywhere and it seemed the whole village was really in the spirit of the whole event.

A dream catcher I bought from our shopping experience on our full first day. 

This photo and the three below were taken in the gardens of Cannon Hall.

This area in Cannon Hall's gardens was called Fairyland and was landscaped in the 19th century primarily for children to play in. It was such a beautiful and magical area and by far my favourite place on the day.

This was taken on a short walk around the area; the sheep were really friendly and even let you stroke them. This is amazing for me living in Essex.

No, don't worry I didn't just skip to South Africa. This photo was taken at Yorkshire Wildlife Park which was probably the best zoo type establishment I have ever been to. The animals enclosures were really spacious and they are even getting polar bears this year! If only I'd gone on holiday in December... maybe not.

In the park there were areas where you could go in with the animals, this included lemurs, spider monkeys, capybara's and wallaby's. You could actually touch the spider monkeys and wallaby's which I have never experienced at any zoo before.

On our last day we headed on a canal boat through a three mile long tunnel which was used for transport. We only went through a part of the tunnel otherwise it would have taken around three hours. The tour guide was great and really made you experience what it would have been like for the men building the tunnel at the time, pretty scary stuff in the pitch black with steam and water interrupting the job. He also told us that before the days of motor engines the men would literally have to use their legs to transport themselves and their cargo in the pitch black, which is aptly called legging. And I moan about my job! 


  1. I really love these photos, especially the dream catcher one!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

    1. Thanks Alice! I know, I don't know why I have never purchased one before x


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