Saturday, 12 July 2014

Dress - Topshop ● Necklace - Primark (similar here and here) ●
Head Crown - Topshop (in store now) ● Boots - Topshop (old)

With the current weather around Britain I thought it was pretty appropriate to add a little festival fashion to the blog; well this is the usual climate when I head to Reading festival anyway. Drizzling with rain. The weather only adds to the atmosphere though. Even though I have packed a rain coat to stop me looking like a drowned rat for the whole weekend. I'm not entirely sure that the weather will allow me to get away with this outfit but that doesn't stop me from hoping anyway, you never know with the British weather really.

In terms of the dress, I'm not really sure where to start I think it's that perfect. During the past month I have been completely obsessed with owning a piece of crochet clothing and this piece definitely surpasses my expectations. The excitement of the festival season always gives me a little extra inspiration when it comes to fashion as so many people are well dressed. That inspiration has led me to buying this head crown from Topshop, which I never thought I was ever a big fan of but I am a fan of this particular one. The feathers really add to the festival 'vibe' of the whole outfit, why is vibe such a cliché word sometimes I really embarrass myself. My boyfriend even took to calling me Pocahontas which I do actually take as a complement, I could only wish. So to all the girls out there who wanted to look like Pocahontas when they were younger, get yourself this dress! I wasn't contracted to say that I promise and this sentence isn't sarcasm either.

Is anyone else heading to a festival this year, or even Reading itself?
Thanks for reading.
Ellie x 


  1. what a lovely & unique take on festival fashion! :) that headpiece is gorgeous. xx

    1. Thank you! I'm glad you like the look, ah it really is good ol' Topshop for you xx


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