Lazy Oaf X Looney Tunes

Sunday, 27 October 2013

I wanted to share a few pictures from the new collection Lazy Oaf has bought out called 'Lazy Oaf X Looney Tunes'. The name doesn't really need any explaining I guess.
Ever since discovering Lazy Oaf I have loved the fresh new ideas and fun that they bring to fashion with prints and colour. This collection is definitely no exception from the rest and I am considering what piece will be added to my Christmas list as I type. My personal favourites are the cropped sweatshirt here or the Daffy Duck cropped t-shirt here. Seriously what can get better than Looney Tunes and clothes mixed together, not much in the world I live in that's for sure.

You can view the whole lookbook here.

That's all folks.
Ellie x

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